We Fight To Protect The Rights Of Juveniles Charged With A Crime

At Goble & Yow, PLLC in Clarksville, Tennessee, we value children's rights and diligently protect them. We also know those rights are often overlooked. Our lawyers are committed to juvenile justice, and we represent children's rights as zealously as we do those of adults. Attorney Eric J. Yow has focused on advocating for children since law school, where he won four CALI Excellence for the Future Awards.

If your child has been accused of a crime, or you have another legal matter that relates to children, we will provide the strongest possible representation for that child. In the case of a juvenile crime, whether it be theft or murder, we will do all we can to have the penalties reduced or dropped altogether. We want to make it easier for that child to take the right path in the future.

Experienced Advocacy In Juvenile Matters

A juvenile is defined by law as someone under the age of 18. Our lawyers have a thorough understanding of criminal laws as they relate to juveniles. While many other law firms don't want to represent juveniles, our attorneys have for several years helped people handle juvenile crimes and other matters related to children. Those matters include:

  • Criminal offenses
  • Delinquency
  • Dependency and neglect
  • Termination of parental rights
  • State custody matters

Let Us Help You Protect Your Child | We Offer A Free Consultation

If you have a juvenile crime or other juvenile matter you would like to discuss, please contact us to schedule your free consultation. We are experienced trial lawyers who are committed to fighting for the rights of children. Call us at 931-266-4763 or send us an email. For your convenience, payment plans are also available.