Collaborative Divorce

Every family has different dynamics and lives under different circumstances. At Goble & Yow, PLLC in Clarksville, we provide comprehensive family law services to fit the individual needs of every family.

Attorney Andrea Goble has more than 21 years of litigation experience and can fiercely protect your interests in adversarial proceedings in court. She is also a Rule 31 specialist in alternative dispute resolution and can facilitate an effective conversation between you and your spouse in mediation. What if neither option seems appropriate for your situation?

Collaborative Law Is Your Formal Alternative To Court

Many people assume divorce mediation and collaborative divorce are the same. Although they share many of the same benefits, they are very different. Collaborative law is a type of alternative dispute resolution available in Tennessee that provides more formal protections than mediation.

Unlike mediation, there is no third-party neutral or unbiased facilitator. You and your spouse/other parent are represented by your own lawyers who advocate for your best interests. Unlike court, all participants agree to work together to settle the family dispute without litigation. If you have children, the cooperative nature of the process can help set the foundation for co-parenting in the future.

Collaborative law is a process often used in divorce. It can also be very beneficial in resolving other family disputes where fostering relationships is important, like disagreements over the administration of an estate.

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