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September 2017 Archives

Is sharing prescription drugs illegal?

These days, many of our lives depend heavily on certain medications that we take regularly to keep us functional. Depending on the nature of our physical health, a person may take a number of prescription medications to help them deal with various issues. So, what legal issues surround prescription medications?

Heroin charges in Tennessee are a serious matter

It should come as no surprise that Tennessee maintains fairly harsh drug sentencing laws — but you may be surprised to learn just how severe those consequences can be when it comes to hard drugs. Heroin carries nearly unbelievable penalties that may seem more appropriate for repeat violent criminal than an individual carrying or selling heroin.

Former coach sees charges dropped

From time to time, many of us let our emotions get out of hand and act out in a way that does not properly represent who we are or an organization we work within. However, irresponsible behavior does not always justify criminal charges. Recently, prosecutors chose to drop charges against a former defensive line coach for East Tennessee State. The coach faced charges surrounding an incident that took place in a hotel lobby in Chattanooga.

Advantages of Chapter 13

Bankruptcy is a powerful tool that many individuals can use to relieve themselves of debt and get their financial lives back on track. While bankruptcy comes with some penalties, Chapter 13 bankruptcy offers those with dependable income the opportunity to take control of their debt without forfeiting much or any of their property.

Labor Day season means strict drunk driving enforcement

Labor Day marks the tentpole of a period of time when drunk driving accidents increase significantly throughout Tennessee, and many law enforcement agencies and safety advocacy groups are cooperating together to combat drunk driving injuries and accidents. As a result, law enforcement here in Clarksville will be observing zero-tolerance toward drivers found driving while intoxicated.

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