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Former coach sees charges dropped

From time to time, many of us let our emotions get out of hand and act out in a way that does not properly represent who we are or an organization we work within. However, irresponsible behavior does not always justify criminal charges. Recently, prosecutors chose to drop charges against a former defensive line coach for East Tennessee State. The coach faced charges surrounding an incident that took place in a hotel lobby in Chattanooga.

The charges were dropped after the primary victim in the incident expressed that he did not want to press charges. According to police records, the coach had become belligerent to the clerk at the desk of a hotel, making verbal statements that he would possibly get violent if his keycard continued to not work.

The clerk who was the recipient of those threats stated that he did not actually feel any threat of violence and did not believe the former coach should face criminal charges. In light of this position, the prosecutors chose not pursue further action. The former coach had faced charges of assault, public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

If you face charges for making threats toward another person, you should certainly consider seeking out legal guidance. You may be able to defuse the whole situation before you have to actually face criminal charges. Many people understand that in the heat of the moment, a person may say things he or she does not mean. Be sure to take all the steps you can to protect your future and your rights in the face of criminal charges of disorderly conduct or assault.

Source: USA Today, "Prosecutors drop charges against ex-ETSU assistant Brumett," Associated Press, Sep. 01, 2017

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