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October 2017 Archives

Does child endangerment complicate DUI charges?

Drinking before getting behind the wheel is always a very risky choice, even if you believe that you are below the legal limit of alcohol in your bloodstream. However, in some cases, you may face even more serious charges than a simple DUI after drinking and driving if you get pulled over with a minor in the vehicle with you.

Marital property exceptions in Tennessee

Divorce is rarely easy, but some states do tend to make the process easier than others. Here in Tennessee, we enjoy fewer regulations than some other states, and are not a community property state, so couples have greater flexibility to decide between themselves how they divide their assets and liabilities in divorce.

Plea bargain or trial?

Depending on the nature of your criminal charges, you may face a number of different judgment scenarios, if you cannot compel the court to drop the charges. In very broad strokes, you may resolve your charges in four basic ways — through trial by jury, trial by judge, plea bargain or by defeating the charges altogether.

When does a cop have to read you your rights?

Question: There have been several burglaries in our neighborhood lately. The cops called and asked my son to come down to the station for a talk. He’s innocent, so he agreed. Now they have charged him with the crimes. They never read him his rights so he would know not talk. Don’t they have to?

Hendersonville alderman pleads guilty to DUI, requests compassion

A woman in Hendersonville recently took an unconventional approach to facing the consequences of a DUI charge by pleading guilty and asking for compassion. The woman, who serves as an alderman for Hendersonville, made a public apology to the community and asked for the community to forgive her and made the case for herself that all people make mistakes and deserve a second chance.

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