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Hendersonville alderman pleads guilty to DUI, requests compassion

A woman in Hendersonville recently took an unconventional approach to facing the consequences of a DUI charge by pleading guilty and asking for compassion. The woman, who serves as an alderman for Hendersonville, made a public apology to the community and asked for the community to forgive her and made the case for herself that all people make mistakes and deserve a second chance.

The woman received a conviction for her DUI charges, and was sentenced to 11 months and 29 days of jail time. However, the court agreed to suspend nearly all of her sentence, and she only ultimately served 48 hours behind bars.

While this outcome is not always possible, it does demonstrate that those who face DUI charges may have many more options than they realize, if they are willing to fight for them. After a DUI arrest, many individuals assume that the case against them is airtight, or that a court will not be lenient if a defendant takes a humble posture like this woman. In reality, there are often more options than many people realize.

If you recently received a DUI, you owe it to yourself to see what an experienced DUI defense attorney has to say. An attorney can help you pick apart the specifics of your own arrest and determine strong strategies you may use to fight the charges. Even if you don't feel confident about fighting your charges, an attorney may reveal more ways to protect your rights and fight the charges than you expect. With proper legal counsel, you can identify weaknesses in the prosecution's case against you and fight for dismissal of the charges or mitigation of the penalties.

Source: The Tennessean, "Hendersonville alderman asks for compassion after pleading guilty to DUI," Amy Nixon, Sep. 21, 2017

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