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November 2017 Archives

A criminal record may change your career path

Many people mistakenly believe that receiving some sort of charge on their criminal record is not really capable of hurting them in the long run. Unfortunately, even small criminal convictions often carry consequences far outside what the general public expects, sometimes making it very difficult to find work or housing.

Sometimes, a traffic stop itself may affect sobriety test results

If you receive drunk driving charges, you may believe that the prosecution has an open and shut case, you should just accept the charges and hope for the best. However, this is rarely a good strategy when it comes to any kind of criminal charge, especially drunk driving. Although the techniques and technology used by police to determine the sobriety or inebriation of a suspect do increase in sophistication over time, they are not flawless. If you recently received drunk driving charges, you may have more options than you think.

Women may face stronger sentencing for drug charges

When a person faces drug charges in Tennessee, especially charges involving opioid painkillers, they may face surprising discrimination in sentencing, according to a new information about the opioid crisis. In many cases, women who face drug charges in Tennessee may spend many more months behind bars than male offenders serve for similar charges.

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