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A criminal record may change your career path

Many people mistakenly believe that receiving some sort of charge on their criminal record is not really capable of hurting them in the long run. Unfortunately, even small criminal convictions often carry consequences far outside what the general public expects, sometimes making it very difficult to find work or housing.

Here in Tennessee, even relatively minor violations can jeopardize a student's scholarships, for instance. A misdemeanor is sometimes enough to revoke a student's scholarship funding, which may make it unfeasible for him or her to remain in school and pursue a good job.

Some specific professions may also be affected. Many areas of employment, such as government, legal services, welfare services and some financial fields may not allow a person with a criminal conviction to obtain a job. Some of these restrictions seem grossly unfair on their face. For instance, interior designers who receive any criminal conviction may lose their registration or be unable to register at all.

These laws demonstrate just how easily life can derail for good people who make a mistake or simply find themselves on the wrong end of a misunderstanding. Unfortunately, some areas of employment do not draw many nuanced distinctions between criminals who intentionally commit crimes against others and those who receive a minor conviction for an isolated incident.

If you face any criminal charges at all, be sure to build a strong defense to fight the charges as soon as you can. Don't hesitate to reach out to an experienced attorney who understands the importance of clearing your name. With professional legal counsel, you examine all of your options to identify strategies you can use to protect yourself and your livelihood.

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