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Drunk Driving Archives

Can police search a water bottle legally?

Protecting your personal freedoms is a complicated task in the modern world, where many of the legal boundaries around personal rights and property are often shifting. When it comes to personal effects like a water bottle, you may face difficulty keeping a police officer from searching it if you are in public, but still have some legal options available if such an interaction with the police leads to criminal charges.

New bill proposes license restriction after DUI convictions

A new bill introduced by a Tennessee representative seeks to cut down on drunk driving by restricting those with DUI convictions from purchasing alcohol. Under the current laws, DUI offenders lose their license for one year after their first offense, but the new proposed law ups the ante for DUI defendants significantly.

School bus driver faces DUI charges

Drunk driving charges arose in a surprising place recently when a woman in Portland, Tennessee, was apprehended for allegedly driving under the influence while behind the wheel of a school bus full of young children. Police arrived after the driver herself called the police to say that she was not feeling well and needed help.

Interlock devices used heavily in Tennessee

After a DUI conviction in Tennessee, it is very likely that driver must submit to placing an interlock device on their ignition. These devices require a driver to prove that they are below the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) level to drive before the ignition will allow the vehicle to start. Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) considers these devices invaluable, claiming that the devices save thousands of lives each year by keeping those who are too drunk to get behind the wheel.

Sometimes, a traffic stop itself may affect sobriety test results

If you receive drunk driving charges, you may believe that the prosecution has an open and shut case, you should just accept the charges and hope for the best. However, this is rarely a good strategy when it comes to any kind of criminal charge, especially drunk driving. Although the techniques and technology used by police to determine the sobriety or inebriation of a suspect do increase in sophistication over time, they are not flawless. If you recently received drunk driving charges, you may have more options than you think.

Does child endangerment complicate DUI charges?

Drinking before getting behind the wheel is always a very risky choice, even if you believe that you are below the legal limit of alcohol in your bloodstream. However, in some cases, you may face even more serious charges than a simple DUI after drinking and driving if you get pulled over with a minor in the vehicle with you.

Hendersonville alderman pleads guilty to DUI, requests compassion

A woman in Hendersonville recently took an unconventional approach to facing the consequences of a DUI charge by pleading guilty and asking for compassion. The woman, who serves as an alderman for Hendersonville, made a public apology to the community and asked for the community to forgive her and made the case for herself that all people make mistakes and deserve a second chance.

Labor Day season means strict drunk driving enforcement

Labor Day marks the tentpole of a period of time when drunk driving accidents increase significantly throughout Tennessee, and many law enforcement agencies and safety advocacy groups are cooperating together to combat drunk driving injuries and accidents. As a result, law enforcement here in Clarksville will be observing zero-tolerance toward drivers found driving while intoxicated.

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