Jury Selection in a Personal Injury Case


The right to a trial involving a jury is one of the most important protections that individuals enjoy in America, but in reality, only a very small percentage of cases ever get to trial. Rather, the vast majority of cases resolve outside of court, especially civil cases that do not involve criminal charges. However, some personal injury cases or other civil disputes do go all the way to a trial by jury, requiring the judge assigned to the case, and usually, the other parties, to go through the jury selection process before the matter can resolve fairly.

Jury selection is an important part of the trial process, where each side has the opportunity to select or dismiss potential jurors based on a number of factors. Some attorneys particularly enjoy this part of the process, seeing it as a dense sort of strategy game, where each party angles to select jurors they believe may favor their cause.

Interestingly, jurors may often be dismissed by either side for virtually any reason, even on a basis that might seem discriminatory in another context. For instance, it is perfectly legal in most instances to dismiss a potential juror because of gender, political ideology and so on.

If you believe that your injury case is best served by a trial, be sure to carefully consider all your other legal options. A trial by jury can yield significantly larger compensation in a civil case than an out-of-court settlement, but also places the matter at much more serious risk of complete loss if the jury does not decide in your favor. This may not only deprive you of the compensation you deserve, but it may also saddle you with significant legal fees and court costs. Be sure to consider all your legal options carefully to keep your rights and priorities secure as you resolve your personal injury dispute.

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