Warning Signs That Divorce Could Be in Your Future


Many people who find themselves going through a divorce in Tennessee had it sprung on them. They thought their marriage was strong. That everything was going well. Then their spouse springs the divorce word on them. Their spouse had been hiding contempt and disdain for them all this time. Or, their spouse simply didn't want to remain married. Here are some warning signs that divorce could be in your future.

Couples who tend to drift apart will find one way or another to work their way back to each other. Then there are couples who drift apart and aren't concerned that it has happened. They make no effort to repair the rift to the point that divorce might be the only solution.

Going out without the other spouse is healthy. It's important for each spouse to have his or her own group of friends and then a group that is for both spouses. But, when one spouse constantly goes out without the other spouse, this can be a big relationship killer.

Communication is the key to any good relationship. When couples stop communicating, there are deeper problems present. Communication can be verbal and nonverbal, so be sure to communicate with your spouse.

When you make excuses for not going home until your spouse is asleep, divorce could be in your future. This means that you do not enjoy being around your spouse, or spending time with, talking to or being intimate with him or her.

Be on the lookout for these signs and more in your marriage. You never know when your spouse might be thinking about getting a divorce. You want to be as prepared as one can be when you hear the word divorce for the first time in Clarksville. If you think divorce is in your future, contact Goble & Yow Attorneys online or call (931) 283-2311 to set up a consultation with divorce lawyers in Clarksville.

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