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Relationships between tenants and landlords can sometimes be touchy. This comes from the fact that the landlord or tenants do not understand the legal rights and responsibilities that apply to them. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s best to consult an attorney that understands landlord and tenant law. Goble & Yow Attorneys, PLLC is here to give you the proper representation and legal help needed when dealing with a landlord and tenant situation.

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Landlord Rights in Tennessee

When a tenant agrees to pay a landlord a certain amount of money for the right to occupy the landlord’s property, a contract is formed. Landlords obviously have the right to collect rent from their tenants. There is also compensation for damage caused by a tenant—whether intentional or through negligence—which a landlord has a right to. Repair costs, outside of normal wear and tear, can be deducted from the tenants’ security deposits. Should you have a tenant in violation of the contract, Goble & Yow Attorneys, PLLC is here to help you get the proper compensation for damages done, and evict the tenant.

Tennessee Tenant Rights

Tenant’s rights fall down to getting what they are paying for: a dwelling fit for human habitation. The units a landlord meets must meet the minimum standards for habitability. If you find yourself facing a landlord that is not upholding the agreement, or is stating that you are not upholding yours, Goble & Yow Attorneys, PLLC can give you the proper representation needed for your protection.

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