How to Safely Dispose of Unused Medicine


Medication is a necessary evil in today's world. It helps people live longer, fight diseases, cure illnesses and aid them in living a pain-free life. These medications are typically prescribed by a doctor who has examined the patient thoroughly to determine what is ailing them. When these medications are no longer needed, the patient has a responsibility to either lock them up or dispose of them properly, otherwise, they could wind up in the wrong hands.

Many local police departments will hold drug take-back days at their stations or at community days. All you need to do is tear the label off the medicine container so no personal information remains on it. Then you bring all of your unused medications to the take-back event for the police to properly dispose of it.

If you want to get rid of the medications in your household trash, you need to take a couple of important steps before doing so. One of those steps includes removing the labels from the containers. The pills should not be crushed. They should be mixed in with dirt, used coffee grounds or cat litter and then placed in a bag. You can then throw the bag into the dumpster or trash can for disposal.

There are some medications -- very few though -- that have instructions about disposal. Those medications instruct the patient to immediately flush the medicine in the toilet when no longer needed. This is typically for medicine that can be extremely harmful or fatal to someone who takes it aside from you.

Drug disposal is an important part of being a responsible patient in Clarksville, Tennessee. If you have questions about where to dispose of unused medications, you should contact your local police department.

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