Property Division/Division of Assets

You Can Rely On Our More Than 35 Years Of Experience

Property division as part of a divorce requires a family law attorney who provides personalized representation. Dividing marital assets can be complicated and contentious, especially when retirement benefits come into play.

The divorce lawyers at Goble & Yow, PLLC in Clarksville have represented clients with complex property division throughout Tennessee. With a combined 35-plus years of experience, we have handled divorces efficiently and effectively. We secure optimal legal results while looking out for your best interests.

We have the experience you need to handle property division involving strong emotions and legal complexities such as:

  • A self-employed spouse makes it difficult to prove income as some finances can be hidden. Couples who shared in the ownership and operation of a business must make difficult decisions in dividing the company they built. In most cases, one spouse is moving on while the other is staying with the business.
  • Determining who lives in the family home presents legal challenges charged with emotional elements. Any equity in the home is divided and the spouse staying in the home must pay for the ownership. In some cases, the courts will require the house to be sold with the divorcing couples dividing the proceeds.
  • Civilian and military retirement plans require a divorce attorney with both experience and legal knowledge. Tennessee law mandates division of the retirement accounts after two years of marriage. However, military retirements do not vest for 10 years. Our lawyers help clients navigate through those complexities.

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