Avoiding a DUI During the Holiday Season

Man driving and drinking a beer

The holiday season is on the horizon and, to celebrate the last few months of the year, many of us will attend small gatherings and parties to socialize with our closest friends and family members. It is not uncommon for hosts to provide alcoholic beverages at these parties and, if guests do not plan accordingly, it can lead to a possible DUI. To help you avoid a DUI this holiday season, we compiled a list of tips to help you safely navigate your way into the next year.

Tips to Keep You From Facing DUI Charges During the Holidays

We all want to enjoy ourselves during the holiday season and being arrested for a DUI is no one’s idea of a good time. To ensure this magical time of year goes smoothly, take a moment to review the following tips:

  1. Do not drive if you think you might drink: If you think there is a chance you might drink, you should plan for another method of transportation. Even a couple of drinks can impair a person’s faculties and, in Tennessee, you can still face DUI charges if you test under the legal limit. Carpool with a designated driver who plans on being sober for the night or use a ridesharing service. If you plan not to drink for the night, commit to it. In addition to alcoholic beverages, hosts often provide other options, such as soda, juice, or water. If non-alcoholic options are unavailable, bring something with you.
  1. Spend the night at a friend’s: If you end up drinking despite your plans to stay sober for the night and cannot afford a cab or an Uber, this does not mean you should accept the risks and drive home. If the party was at a friend’s place, ask if you can spend the night. If you attended the party with friends ask if you can stay with them and drop you off at your car in the morning. It might be a hassle, but it is far better than getting a DUI.
  1. Do not assume that one drink per hour is safe: People commonly believe that if you only have one drink per hour and consume enough water and food, you can avoid a DUI. The problem with this advice is that every individual processes alcohol differently, depending on body weight, height, and gender. The only way to stay safe is to avoid drinking altogether if you plan to drive.

If you do end up facing DUI charges, do not resign yourself to defeat. Instead of dwelling on your mistakes, act fast and hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to handle your case. The sooner you acquire legal assistance, the better your chances of acquiring a favorable result will be.

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