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Protecting your parenting rights from interference

All parents who face the difficult task of sharing custody usually need time to adjust to the schedule and the realities of sharing parenting privileges and responsibilities. Initially, it is common for some parents to struggle to adhere to a court-ordered custody arrangement, and may take several months to get into a sustainable pattern.

Reassure children that they won't lose family during a divorce

A divorce is a frightening time for children. The life they've always known is being turn upside down. This can be very difficult for the children, especially little ones, to understand. One of the worries that they have is that they are going to lose their family members because of the divorce.

Can I challenge breathalyzer test results in court?

When you receive a DUI based on breathalyzer results, you may feel like there is nothing you can do to fight the charges. This is normal, but it is never wise to give up immediately. Even if a breathalyzer test found that you were over the limit, you may have ways to challenge the validity of the test, or the conduct of the officer who arrested you.

When does a cop have to read you your rights?

Question: There have been several burglaries in our neighborhood lately. The cops called and asked my son to come down to the station for a talk. He’s innocent, so he agreed. Now they have charged him with the crimes. They never read him his rights so he would know not talk. Don’t they have to?

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