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Modifying a divorce judgment

Divorce is a complicated process that may seem as though it takes forever to finalize. Depending on how complex a couple's property division is and any custody issues they might deal with, divorce can stretch out for months or even more than a year. By the time the process is over, it can seem daunting to revisit it at any time in the near future. Unfortunately, some divorce judgments are simply not tenable, or place undue strain on one party.

What should a good parenting plan include?

Crafting a parenting plan is an important part of ensuring that the child you love has all the resources and tools he or she needs to grow up and become a healthy person. Whether you and your child's other parent face divorce or choose to raise the child separately for other reasons, you need to create a solid parenting plan that outlines how both parents will carry the responsibilities and privileges of child rearing.

Dealing with debt during divorce

When divorce is on the table, debts held between spouses can cause serious complications and drag out the process needlessly. Of course, debt is rarely an easy topic to approach in ideal circumstances, and dealing with debt while dissolving a marriage is understandably tense in most instances.

Both partners must understand the terms of a prenuptial agreement

As you look forward to your upcoming marriage, it is important to make sure that you use all the tools available to prepare you for a long, fruitful life together. A prenuptial agreement is often an overlooked tool, one that couples may use to strengthen their relationship significantly and avoid many of the pressures that strain marriages.

Marital property exceptions in Tennessee

Divorce is rarely easy, but some states do tend to make the process easier than others. Here in Tennessee, we enjoy fewer regulations than some other states, and are not a community property state, so couples have greater flexibility to decide between themselves how they divide their assets and liabilities in divorce.

Grounds for divorce in Tennessee

Divorce is always difficult, whether a contested process requiring mediation or a smooth, amicable arrangement. Although there are some simplified procedures, Tennessee law contains several details that can affect how and why a divorce is granted by the court.

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