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Drug Charges Archives

12 Mongols Motorcycle Club members named in 54-count indictment

A 54-count federal indictment has been handed down by a grand jury in Clarksville. The indictment names 15 people, 12 of whom allegedly belong to the Mongols Motorcycle Club.U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions made the announcement about the indictment.

Man arrested in connection with fatal heroin overdose

Drug dealing charges carry some of the stiffest penalties of any nonviolent crime, and those who face them must respond quickly and carefully. Recently, a man received drug dealing charges in Cheatham County after a number of overdoses in a single weekend were tied to him, one of which resulted in the death of a victim.

Women may face stronger sentencing for drug charges

When a person faces drug charges in Tennessee, especially charges involving opioid painkillers, they may face surprising discrimination in sentencing, according to a new information about the opioid crisis. In many cases, women who face drug charges in Tennessee may spend many more months behind bars than male offenders serve for similar charges.

Is sharing prescription drugs illegal?

These days, many of our lives depend heavily on certain medications that we take regularly to keep us functional. Depending on the nature of our physical health, a person may take a number of prescription medications to help them deal with various issues. So, what legal issues surround prescription medications?

Heroin charges in Tennessee are a serious matter

It should come as no surprise that Tennessee maintains fairly harsh drug sentencing laws — but you may be surprised to learn just how severe those consequences can be when it comes to hard drugs. Heroin carries nearly unbelievable penalties that may seem more appropriate for repeat violent criminal than an individual carrying or selling heroin.

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