Fathers' Rights

In many family law cases, it is widely believed that the mothers have priority when it comes to issues involving children. However, trends are changing and fathers are able to assert their rights in and out of court.

Our lawyers at Goble & Yow, PLLC are committed to standing up for fathers' rights in child custody, visitation and child support cases. Though we represent both mothers and fathers, we are firm believers in equal rights for both parents.

We have extensive experience handling many different types of family law cases, including child custody and child support for fathers. Our attorneys are able to thoroughly put together a case and aggressively advocate on a father's behalf. We handle fathers' rights matters in Clarksville and throughout the surrounding counties in Tennessee.

Establishing Paternity Entitles Fathers To Access To Their Children

A paternity dispute can be easily resolved with a simple cheek swab from the child and the potential father. DNA testing has become very detailed, routine and reliable, which allows the mother, the father and the courts to begin proceedings involving the proper parties.

Once the father of a child has been established, child custody and child support orders can be entered with the court. Fathers are entitled access to their children, so custody and visitation should be addressed as soon as possible. Also, both parents are responsible for the care and well-being of their children, so child support issues should be resolved in order to maintain the children's lives.

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