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How to Clear Your Driving Record in Tennessee?

Few feelings are as unsettling as seeing the red and blue lights flash up in your rear-view mirror. Worse still is when you know you did not deserve the ticket and fine issued. In any case, once you’ve been given a citation, you must either pay the fine or fight the ticket. You can start by pleading “not guilty” and constructing a defense strategy.

Some effective defense strategies against a traffic ticket could include:

  • Demonstrating that your driving was safe: While you may have exceeded a speed limit, there are instances where doing so is perfectly safe to do, such as during daytime when there is little to no traffic on the road.
  • Emergency situations: When you have to speed to get somewhere in a hurry, there may not always be another choice. If you can demonstrate that you were forced to go that speed, you may have an effective defense.
  • Incorrect speed verification: Believe it or not, police officers don’t always use tools or accurate measurements to determine speed. If you can prove that their assessment of your speed was subjective or that they were not in a good place to see what was happening, you may be able to call their citation into question.
  • Unclear markings: Sometimes, a stop sign might be hidden behind a tree. A crosswalk marking may be faded away. The posted speed limit sign wasn’t there last week. There are circumstances where your mistake should be met with a warning instead of a citation.

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Get Help from Experienced Clarksville Traffic Ticket Attorneys

While traffic tickets may not be the worst crime a person can commit, they can add up over time, causing your insurance rates to go up and even raise the risk of having your license suspended. If you have been cited on the road, call Goble & Yow Attorneys, PLLC to schedule a free consultation with our Clarksville traffic violation attorneys to learn more about protecting yourself from the consequences of a ticket.

With over 35 combined years of experience fighting for our clients’ rights, we have seen just about every kind of traffic violation defense there is. Our understanding of useful strategies helps us give our clients the confidence they need to stand strong in preserving their rights. You do not have to pay your traffic ticket just because you were told you broke the law. It is important that you hold police officers accountable and fight for your rights as a driver.

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