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Avoid Devastating Felony Convictions on Your Record

If you were arrested for a violent crime, you need to get started building a strong legal defense right away. From the moment your name was entered into the state’s database, a prosecutor began building a case against you. At Goble & Yow Attorneys, PLLC, our Clarksville violent crimes attorneys have decades of experience helping clients protect their rights and their futures by crafting effective legal strategies that help them obtain the best possible outcome for their situation. A violent criminal record can make it almost impossible to find housing, employment, or financial opportunities. You need help to protect yourself.

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Defining a Violent Crime

Any crime where violence is either used or threatened is considered a violent crime. This means putting others in a situation where they fear for their safety could be used as basis for a violent crime conviction, which is precisely what prosecutors will do.

Violent crimes could include:

  • Assault and battery
  • Murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Sexual assault
  • Rape
  • Robbery
  • Kidnapping
  • Extortion

In any of these cases, victims are coerced into cooperating through violence, and most violent crimes will be prosecuted as a felony. It is important that you call Goble & Yow Attorneys, PLLC immediately and begin assembling an effective defense for your rights.

How Goble & Yow Attorneys, PLLC Can Help

Violent crimes happen fast. You may have been charged with something you did not do, or were only slightly involved in what happened. Sometimes, people have even been charged as an accessory when they were coerced into helping the criminal. Your innocence is extremely important. With the help of our team at Goble & Yow Attorneys, PLLC, you can take confidence that your case is in good hands. During our free consultation, we will discuss your situation and how you can move forward with your case.

Some possible defense could include that the accused:

  • Had no criminal history prior to the crime
  • Felt morally justified in their action
  • Was coerced into criminal action
  • Was unaware of what they were doing, either through mental conditions or lack of understanding

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